Thursday, 7 October 2010

You are Formally Invited

Burgopak Ltd. and Uber Agency teamed up to create these invites for the BAFTA awards. Of the invites, they say:

In a joint design venture, Burgopak Ltd and Uber Agency have developed an innovative and striking invitation for the recent BAFTA awards night. Showcased down the red carpet, the sleek black and white designs blended in handsomely amidst the glamour of the star-studded event.

Packaging design company Burgopak incorporated their patented ‘slider’ mechanism into the design, providing a smart and distinctive package to accompany the guests. The simple sliding tray action reveals the invitation, with artwork designed by Uber. In a classic and elegant approach, the design features the iconic BAFTA masks on both white and black packages.

Burgopak and Uber are further workingin conjunction to create invitations for the upcoming Craft and TV awards.

Spot varnishing is used to print on some of the design. Spot varnishing gives the area a sheen (like a varnish). Depending how many of these invitations are being printed the design would be printed using either offset lithography or flexography.

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