Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ways To Scare Men Away

1) Those Three Little Words - I Love You - Whip them out about 5 minutes into his lame chat up line routine and he is sure to be making a quick exit.
2) Cracking Knuckles cracking open a beer bottle with your teeth, saying the names of everyone in the room with a belch and many other manly mannerisms.
3) Going Bridal - "oh you would make the perfect husband"
 4) Please be the father of my children!
5) My Ex was a Psycho/My Ex was the Greatest. Men hate competition.
6) High pitched/loud annoying voices.
7) Gold digger, at least be sly about it!
8) High maintenance - get then to apply your fake tan for you.
9) Aggressive, men want to protect you not see you punching the guy who just slapped your arse.
11) Flirt with everyone,  like stated above, men don't like competition they just get mad and jealous. 

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