Thursday, 14 October 2010

Type - Paragraphs

First of all we did a quick recap of last week, looking at hierarchy and how we read text...

This has been achieved by changing the font weight, positioning and size.

When advertising an event you need to know:
what it is 
where it is 
when it is and 
how much

You need to work out the hierarchy so the audience will read the advertisement right.


Copying text over into a given space.

You need to change the text size and leading to make it fit.


Change the size of the text and you need to change the leading to fit to the text box. Which is easiest and most pleasant to read though?..

The second column from the left is the most visually appealing and easy to read. The two right columns leading to too far spaced making the writing harder to read. 

12pt type has an automatic 14pt leading... set solid.
24pt type has an automatic 28pt leading.

Without para breaks and without indents text is harder to read. If the last line of a paragraph goes to the end of the line you can't tell there is a new paragraph starting on the next line because it looks like it is just the start of a new sentence. 

Three characters is the normal amount of indent at the start of a paragraph because three characters is the minimum amount of characters at the end of a sentence, so it is easier on the eye. 

You should NEVER indent AND para break!

Trying to make the text look as nice as possible I have increased the leading, added line spaces, change the weight of the font. Adding smooth transitions between texts makes it look more interesting whilst keeping it simple and easy to read.

Text should also be between 8pt and 10pt in a long paragraph.

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