Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bill's Dairy Farm

"Having been asked by Bill’s Dairy Farm in South Africa to create carton graphics for their new range of milkshakes,ilovedust created a distinct design solution.

Featuring strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavours, each individual graphic features its own character and specific colour palate. The fun, candy shop style packaging is designed to appeal to a young target market remit of 12 – 25 year olds."

This design would be printed using flexography and then scored and folded into shape after. The style of this product range is very eye catching and wold pop out of the shelve above the other milk brands. However, I don't think this product would appeal to 25 years old as the brief described above, I think it looks too childish, playful and with it possibly unhealthy.

The carton uses many colours, although they look to be CMYK and with no use of specific spot colours.

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