Thursday, 7 October 2010

Two Sugars and a Splash of Milk Please

eighthirty is a startup New Zealand based coffee company Designed by Noah Butcher:

"I wanted the packaging to create 'stand out' on the shelf, and to form a dialogue that can evolve with the brand overtime.

Eighthirty source organic beans from sustainable farms, then combine these with dedication to deliver the perfect coffee every time. Our passion is passed on in every cup to customers who care about great coffee as much as we do. Eighthirty delivers – simply good coffee."

Flexography would have been used for this print job. I have noticed that a lot of designs only use one or two colours for their design. Previously I have thought that every design would use multiple colours and definitely use CMYK, however looking at many designs it is evident that costs are kept to a minimum by using minimum colours.

This design looks very simple and is easy to read. However I think it looks slightly boring because it is so plain and looks like existing boring coffee cups.

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