Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Death By Chocolate

Designed by Denise Franke, "Death By Chocolate is a corporate design and packaging concept for a non-existing chocolate label.The dbc products are divided into a candybar range, wrapped in a soft, matt foil and a more sophisticated range of chocolates.

Both product ranges are finished with UV-Varnish and blind embossing. The aim was to create a unique packaging concept, that focuses on the myth of chocolate but transfers it into a modern, rock n roll kind of context."

I love the fact that no ink is used for these products, the materials for the packaging have been used to their full potential. It creates a very slick, mysterious overall look. The spot varnish on the products is not particularly legible from a distance, however, people are generally drawn to shiny objects, things that 'catch our eye', and so the legibility decreases in importance if the material alone can attract attention in the first place.

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