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Women Celebrating Singledom

How To Enjoy Being Single

Being single can regularly be seen as a negative, however there are many positives and perks of being independent.

For starters if you are single there are many ways of hunting down your next catch. Dating websites have become a 21st century phenomena, simply typing in 'dating websites' onto google brings up almost 9 Million different results. 

So it is clear that is a popular subject. People can go onto these websites for a number of reasons however :

  • Love
  • The Chase
  • Flirting
  • Soul Mate
  • Life Companion
  • You are not limited to your friend circle or work mates, a world of single people are waiting for you.
  • You can chat from the ease of your own home online. No need for getting dolled up, you can sit cosy in your pajamas.
  • You are in a comfortable environment where you can find out about the person before you talk to them and know what everybody wants from their online experience.

It is also very desirable that you can chose who you would like to meet and engage with. Filling out simple forms about yourself and your ideal match help to filter out people who you are not interested in making the whole process a lot quicker and easier. 

Because this way of finding your perfect match has become so popular a lot of money has gone into advertising on TV.

However, being single is not all about trying to find a new partner, because what is the point in celebrating being single when you are trying not to be single... right? 

Men aint all that!

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One memory that stuck out for me with an ex - boyfriend was after a hard day at work, I finally get home, kick off my shoes and happily greet my boyfriend and discuss our day. But when it's my turn to do the talking, I find myself conversing with a nodding blob that is tuned into the television or computer and tuned out of everything else around him.

A stray missile could hit the apartment and he would be frozen in time with his eyeballs glued to the screen. Although not all men do this, there are many out there who do, which in my opinion is strange. Then there is the toilet seat debate, as I finally get ready for bed, and tiredly trudge to the bathroom one last time, we women expect to find an accommodating seat, but we usually find nothing but a cold, ceramic rim decorated with speckled yellow stains! Cheers! But TV hypnosis and the forgotten toilet seat are but a minute part of the annoying things that men do. By popular demand, I have listed eight common things men do to completely send most sane women Barney! Take note, and please do your best to steer clear of such mistakes.
Your sound affects and smells: You burp, you fart, and you spit, the king of all bodily functions. You fire snot rockets for Gods' sake! These habits are unwelcome, plain and simple. If women walked around all day hawking up phlegm while belching and leaving behind a few SBD (silent-but-deadly) intestinal gasses, you would be grossed out too. Go to the washroom. Keep your private little habits to yourself.
Adjustment of the privates: I'm talking about those precious parts of yours that you just can't seem to keep away from. They won't go anywhere. Don't worry. And if you have to scratch, be discreet. Women aren't immune to the occasional itch either, but you don't see us reaching up under our skirts for a quick fix. Again, use the washroom. (I can see it in the papers now... "Men being fired because of increased bathroom breaks").
Selective Listening: What's with the selective hearing? Is there something in your brain that acts like a filter, and only grabs your attention when an interesting keyword comes up i.e. food, sex or anything that has to do with you? Or is it just a lack of interest in what we have to say? I know women can be chatty, emotional creatures, and have the tendency about this or that. But men just have this ability to pick and choose what they hear in a conversation. Even if men aren't all that interested in what women say, they should at least not be so blatantly disinterested! We always listening to men going on about teams being regulated etc don't we? Or maybe we need to start every conversation with men as 'threesome', will you clean up after yourself.
The tuning out process: I must admit I'm jealous of men's capability to tune out from their current environment. Where do you all go exactly? I am quite curious to know because I'd love to go there sometime. You all look so content and focused, like nothing else seems to matter. Women, on the other hand, can't help but have at least ten things going through their minds at all times. It's frustrating that you can simply wander off to some day dream and not have a care in the world. But until women master that skill, we will only be content once men start paying attention to what we have to say.
Leaving a trail: Whether it is taking a shower, preparing a meal or just working on a project., men have this tendency to leave a long line of items behind them wherever they go. From clothes leading to the bathroom when you're about to have a shower, to dishes, pots and pans to "help out" with dinner, women can always tell where you are and what you've been doing. Is it to facilitate finding your way back? Maybe you're taking certain fairy tales a little too far?
You are unobservant, plainly stated: It's funny how many of these "habits" seem to overlap and coincide isn't it or a women being a little hard on you? Not noticing our new haircut or dress is one thing, but men need to see past themselves and pay more attention to the women and their lives. You think to yourself who cares if there's a new picture up on the wall or she's wearing a new scent, right? All in all it's not that important in the grand scheme of things. But it's these little details that make life fun and exciting. So open yourself up to the insignificant things. It may be quite a substantial investment in the foreseeable future.
Man Flu syndrome: It seems that most guys tend to turn into complete babies when they get sick. They whine, they complain, and nothing is ever "right." Women don't mind taking care of you, but instead of whining, why don't you try appreciating what they are doing for you?
The wandering eye: There are certain men who have the magic lazy eye, and casually glance at other women just long enough so that their girlfriends don't catch them. Then there are other guys, the ones who carelessly whistle or holler at women walking down the street. But there is a large majority of men, try to be tactful in eyeballing, but just can't seem to pull it off. They are goggled-eyed just like a cartoon character and are extremely noticeable. Reevaluate your body language tactics. Quit freezing in your actions to look us up and down, and stop walking into people because of your rubberneck. Learn the fine art of discretion!
Finally, I would like to highlight women are quirky too, don't get me wrong it's two way street. I could have gone on and on about women's annoying habits too. But instead I would like to hear a men's insight on it? Maybe we can develop a mutual respect on the opposite sex's way of life? Work in harmony together, right? Nevertheless, both sexes would do well to stop annoying each other once the honeymoon phase dies down. Wait, what's that I smell? Oh, come on guys...

Hmmm makes me feel slightly sick really. If this is what men bring to the table then maybe the feminism attitude should be adapted for this project. 

Ways to enjoy your singledom
You have your ME time back, enjoy it!
You can go out with the girlies and not feel guilty for leaving him at home
You can put your make-up on just 'because you want to' without him questioning you why.
You have so much freedom now, you can do what you want when you want.
You can catch up with friends that you may have lost contact with due to spending so much time with your ex.
Enjoying spontaneity. 

You don't have to groom yourself 24/7 now. You are a free woman, a free spirit... enjoy nature.

So taking the attitude that women don't need men yet all they seem to think about is food, sex and themselves we need a way to repel them...

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