Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Colour of Love

Colour is very influential in our everyday lives. I have looked briefly into how colours can make you feel and how they can possibly influence love. 

•Can color affect your sex life?
•Can color affect your weight?
•Can pink weaken your muscles?
•Can color affect your spending habits?
•Can color penetrate your entire body?
•Can color affect the flavor of foods?
•Can color affect people's perceptions of you?
•Can color affect your health?
•Can your skin "see" color?

The answer to all of these questions is: YES.

Most people have a favourite colour and most people will have their own ideas how colour should be used. Young or old, colours can have both positive and negative effects on our moods and feelings. The eleven basic colours, regardless of shade, tone or tint, have fundamental psychological properties that are universal.

In babies and children, colours are also believed to influence intellectual development and in babies especially, help to develop eyesight and thought development. Babies are unable to focus their eyes for the first six to eight weeks because they do not have control of the muscles that enable them to focus and this causes objects to remain blurry. Despite their inability to focus properly, studies have shown that infants as young as two weeks have colour vision and can distinguish between red and green objects. Therefore the selection and use of colours in the early stages of a baby's life could play a substantial part in the temperament and development of the child.

Examples of significance and impact attributed to colours:

  • Pink: symbol of love, of softness and sweetness and would be a remedy against fear. However, the risk is that too much pink will take you to the bad sides of its effects: inertia and childishness.

  • Bluecolour preferred in general by Europeans, moreover by men. It is the coldest of colours and would stand for surpassing yourself, loyalty and authority.

  • White: associated with purity, nature and light but also with coldness. In Asia, this colour is also associated to mourning.

  • Violet: a rather difficult colour, between pink and red or blue according to its mixture. Its association is on one hand linked to religion (Christian cardinals’ habits) and on the other side linked to sensual delight. The use of this colour would be advised for trendy products or products that have certain esteem and who can allow to play with limits.

  • Grey: associated with technology and efficiency. Moreover a man-colour or high-tech colour. Can in a certain level be distinguished but in overdose it becomes a symbol of sadness and boring. (Remember: the sky is grey, he’s like a grey mouse)

  • Orange: a warm colour and not as aggressive as red. It represents cheerfulness and joy. It would be a good colour for impulse purchases. The risk however exists that it can also be seen as too cheap.

  • Red: is the colour the eye perceives the quickest. Represents energy and speed but also anger and danger (blood is seen as negative -> as danger)

  • Black: symbolises death in the Occident. Nevertheless very often used in luxury products and combined with a vivid colour it can give an impression of «Haut Couture» and chic.

  • Green: represents nature and hope. Green is however very little used as a colour by industry since it seems also associated with illness and superstition.

  • Yellow: very stimulating colour (Remember the sun) but not advised for very nervous people. It is associated with warmth and plenitude but also with betrayal. Pleases to young ones, when not overdone.

  • Colour of Love forum

    Love is universally recognised by the colour red. However as shown below love can be represented by almost any colour. 

    Person 1: What is the colour of love? 
    Person 2: For some folks the colour of love is red... fiery and hot, but for me the colour of 
                      love is blue... placid and calm.
    Person 3: Definitely blue, well at least for me.
    Person 4: I think love is a rainbow of colours, 
                        It's blue because it can bring peace and tranquility
                        It's green because it can cause envy
                        It's yellow because it radiates
                        It's white because it can be innocent 
                        It's red because it can be a danger zone
                        It's black because love of the wrong thing can cause death
                        It's pastel colours because it can be young and soft
                        It's bold colours because it can stand out, make you take notice
                        It's plaid because it can be confusing.
                        Love is a splendid array of colour ad patterns, interveaving causing both
                        happiness and sorrow, joy and pain, forgiveness and hatred. 
    Person 5: Love is life which in turn is dependent on blood - red
                      Love makes our lives look brighter - orange
                      Loves gives us a reason to smile even without reason - yellow
                      Love is fertile, keeps growing into eternity - green
                      Love makes you feel high like the skies - blue
                      Love is refreshing like the springs - indigo
                      Love shows the beauty of life like flowers - violet
                      the colour of love is a combination of the rainbow colours. Diffusion from colour 
                      I conclude that the colour of love is white - purity.

    I think it is wonderful how colour has such a big impact on every day life. It influences actions and emotions and heightens our senses. 

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