Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Packaging & Style Inspiration

I enjoy creating work that has a high-end polished finish. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and therefore I like clean minimal design. Here are some examples I have found that mirror what I wish my final products to look like. 

Clean cut, dark yet sophisticated, expensive.

Sleek, intricate use of packaging design. Contents and packaging have been considered.  

Plain, simple, yet effective.

Obviously this products looks so glamourous 99% because of the photographer, however I like the sense of mystery with the dark colours and shadow.

Embossing adds depth and quality to the product. A lot of effort has gone into something so simple as the carrier bag, therefore surely the actual product will be very well made and reliable.

Simple and effective, the little details (bows) give the product a nice finish. The same brown colour has been used throughout, however different materials reflect colours differently so shades are made.

Soft, shiny material for a luxurious feel. Shiny material mimics  diamonds and therefore gives a sense of expense.

Talking about finer details again. Metal clasps or tags that have been embossed with the logo or brand name add to another form of advertisement.

I love love love this bag!! It is so amazing and something that I would love to carry and show off. Hmmm now how to incorporate thins into my design.

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