Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Box Set Packaging Style Inspiration

Different colours help to give the same design a new feel.

The use of space is really good for this box. Every item has its place . It is a fairly simple inside design and the fastening is merely two flaps however it works very well. Having many different shaped items in one box could be difficult to pack. I need to think weather I want to package all my products into one box like above or separately package them.

I love how the outside of the box actually looks like something. It isn't just information of the contents. It really catches your eye on such am emotional subject.

This design is so simple. But it works! Using the packaging to effect the contents. I this case it repels, but in most cases the packaging entices.

This packaging uses the shape to incorporate into a design. The sheen of the plastic works well with the body to make it look shiny and in good condition. I want to use spot varnish on my products to give it a sense of high quality.

The colours are perfect for the style I want to accomplish.

I love the colours. Pink and brown give a sense of class. Pink is a very girl related colour and therefore me wouldn't look at the product. 

On its own the can shows an innocent design, but when put together in a range to whole image comes together.

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