Thursday, 20 January 2011

Upcoming Fashion Trends

Crochet & Macrame

Intricate, luxurious detail. Inspired by nautical ropes and lace.

Macrame is made by knotting the main fabric to great visual affect. It's a craft most often associated with 19th century sailors, who made all kinds of macrame objects in their spare time - with shipping rope, or from leather, yarn, twine or other sturdy materials. 

Macrame today can be seen a lot in beach wear, however because it is normally quite detailed with lots of knots, i can be quite bulky and not very stretchy. 

It is made from loops of yarn, created using a single hooked needle. Hence, it's very delicate but not so delicate as to be a lace.

Colours to be seen in are earthly oranges and browns, but still with that luxurious feel. 

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