Friday, 21 January 2011

Upcoming Fashion Trends

Biker Clothing - Motorcycle Chic


The biker trend isn't possible without a statement jacket. Jacket's don't have to be black, they can be an array of colours so long as they fit in with the biker style (leather). Jackets them selves need to have two key elements; zips and quilting.

Trousers need to be detailed, as well as the jacket they needn't be black, the beige trousers above give a good example of how beige can still work as a biker theme; with its quilting, mesh panels and feature zip.

 An alternative for the leather trousers, is the skirt. It still focuses in on the quilted design with zips and panelling, however it has a more daring and sexy feel.

 Biker shoes are already a top fashion trend at the moment and so many people will already be wearing theirs. To avoid getting lost in the crowd, look for an individual statement pair, that shows quality and style, instead of the average normal black leather with zip.

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