Thursday, 20 January 2011

Upcoming Fashion Trends

Wide Legged Trousers

Having skinny jeans at the height of trouser fashion for so long now, it is obvious that people want to see different styles of trousers. They are an elegant alternative for 2011, but are clearly not for everyone.

There are three different styles of wide legged trousers:
1. Wide legged trouser - sophisticated, sharp and tailored, with a mid to high waist.
2. Wide legged jean - Can look quite baggy and shapeless when trouser widens from the top of the thigh to the bottom of the leg.
3. Palazzo pants - made normally from a light fabric like silks or jersey so they are easy and comfy to wear.

How to wear wide legged trousers:
Heels will help feminise the look and a tight fitted top will balance out volume of the baggy trousers.

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