Thursday, 28 April 2011

Web Design

Dreamweaver start up page for html document

Meta Tags: give key worlds that people may type in to find your website so it is more easily accessible.

html - Hyper text mark up language

Forward slash = something has ended

Head tab - makes the website more useable and searchable.

Work inside 'body' tabs are visible online.

 Need to tell Dreamweaver where the folder is where everything will be stored.

Site > New Site

Link it to the root folder

Click save 

If there is no cell padding or no rows etc you need to write it (eg. 0) and not leave it blank.

&nbsp = nothing is there

Add the height and writing in the table and '&nbsp' disappears and the text appears.

If the title of the document has a * after it, it means that something in the document has been changed since last time it has been saved.

To add colour to the table write the code in the 'td' section.

To add colour the the background write the code in the 'body' section.

 Changing the 'title' will change the title at the top of the internet page.

Making Buttons...

PNG and Giff both preserve transparency

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