Monday, 7 February 2011

CD Packaging Design

I really like the sleek elegant style from the outside. Without being able to see what design is on the inside I think a simple white silk paper would work well with a caps, serif font.

This design fits in really well with my project in regards to the handmade, sewn style.  For it to work better with my projects style I think I would use a black, shiny, high weight paper instead of the brown paper shown here. The type would have to be printed in stead of being had written for a more professional finish.

The size of this CD case really catches my eye. It is very oversized, but with this said it makes the design look more minimal and expensive on a whole. Again using black and white with a splash of colour would work best for use in my project.

The packaging design here has been thought out very carefully to create the effect of  the CD being the mouth. Taking the focus away from the imagery, the actual design of the packaging is very interesting because when you pull open the sleeve the CD is fed to you automatically.

Another over sized CD case, in this case it is not the standard square shape, it is a rectangle. I think this would work well for my project because the material used is thick and strong. The shape of the case resembles that of a fashion/design/sample book.

Using material for my project would fit in really well. What material would I use though? As my project is about trends I wouldn't be able to represent all fashionable materials on the cover.

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  1. good morning,
    what is the name of designer for the funpack cd ?